MET Parachute MCR 2022 KIWI Iridescent

    MET MTB 2022




    Here one minute and gone the next, trends are a constantly moving world.
    Creative fantasies merged and hybridised with the empirical industrial process.
    The screen printing, thermoforming and graphic design of a MTB helmet is much more complex than you can imagine and to meet the absolute highest standards, our expertise in manufacturing is complemented by an obstinate search for the latest aesthetics.
    Graphic samples of MET 2022 helmet colours
    MET helmet colour pantone
    Graphic colour samples of MET helmets
    MET Helmet red colour tests
    MET helmets are designed to be innovative and inspiring for all riders.
    Discover the latest trends in our mountain bike range, featuring the MET Parachute MCR, Terranova Mips® and ROAM Mips®:
    Immersing in an ecosystem
    Design is increasingly inspired by the forms of nature, from mycelium, to insect carapaces. Organic and intense.
    MET PARACHUTE MCR 2022 inspired by nature
    MET Parachute MCR 2022 Woodland
    Woodland Trains with the Parachute MCR 2022
    MET Parachute MCR 2022 with chin bar removed
    Removing o attaching the MET Parachute chin bar
    MET Parachute for infinite trails
    Defining new boundaries
    Intensely bright and vivid colours created from microscopic nanostructures. A design where reality and imagination can finally coexist.
    MET helmets 2022 MTB range
    Blue Grey Granite rock inspires the MET 2022 MTB colours
    MET Terranova MIPS 2022 blue
    MET Terranova MIPS in blue colour
    MET Terranova MIPS Octane Blue Metallic
    Blending in to stand out
    Colours with slight military inspiration, with material, organic, camouflage effects. Mixed and matched greenish compositions: sage, lichen, mud. Strongly outdoor.
    MET Terranova MIPS on rocky trail
    Designed for your favourite trail MET Terranova MIPS
    Enjoying the oudoors in the MET Terrnova MIPS 2022
    MET Terranova MIPS 2022 top of trail
    Terranova MIPS MET 2022 rocks
    Grassy trails with the MET Terranova MIPS
    Shining and shredding
    Metallic, holographic, pearlescent and iridescent effects are among growing trends. Standing out without showing off.
    Terranova MIPS in the trail centre
    MET Roam MIPS 2022 Iridescent
    MET Roam MIPS has great ventilation for the approach
    2022 Terranova MIPS MET colours
    Bold 2022 Orange MET Terranova MIPS helmet
    Riding with buddies in the new MET TERRANOVA MIPS 2022
    Find many more colours that match your ride, style and kit. New MET MTB range available now!

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