MET Allroad Mips Helmet



    Gravel, tarmac, singletrack, cycle path – whatever surface your wheels roll on the MET Allroad Mips® will be your capable companion.
    The Allroad Mips® doesn’t care if you’re bikepacking through Italy or just going out for a Sunday spin with the family, because it can do it all without fuss.
    The MET Allroad Mips® is built for adventures big and small. Just because it isn’t designed for one specific thing doesn’t mean it isn’t exceptional, kind of like that friend you know who is annoyingly good at everything.
    Cycling Forest trails with the MET Allroad Mips
    The clean lines of the Allroad Mips® minimalist design also mean it’s a helmet that looks great and functions well in all conditions and environments.
    MET Allroad backpacking, gravel and trekking helmet
    MET Allroad Mips helmet
    Featuring MET 360° fit and internal air channeling, as well as an integrated rear light and reflective strip for visibility and a unique clipless visor for a sleek look when you aren’t using it.
    The Allroad is now available with additional Mips® protection and three new 2022 colours: Olive Iridescent, Titanium and Teal.
    Adventures with the MET Allroad Mips
    Enjoying summer expeditions with MET Allroad Mips helmet
    Cold weather riding in the MET Allroad Mips
    Mips® is an innovative system that helps protect against rotational forces that are common in bike crashes, by creating a low friction layer that shears and absorbs those forces, reducing their impact on your head.
    As well as offering Mips® protection, the Allroad is tested beyond the requirements of all relevant global bicycle helmet certifications in the MET laboratory.
    Crash testing a MET Allroad Mips helmet
    Drop test of MET Allroad Mips Helmet
    With all these features at value the MET Allroad Mips® is likely to be your new favourite helmet, whatever ride you are planning.

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