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Dual Gel Front Pad  |  Compatible with all MET Helmets


Product Specifications - Dual Gel Front Pad + -

  • Conforms to natural shape of head, providing a comfortable and snug fit.
  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial, maintains a neutral odor.
  • Longer lifetime use compared to traditional pads, and keeps original thickness.
  • Helps cool the head.
  • Keeps sweat away from the eyes.
  • Compatible with the following MET helmets: Drone Wide Body, Codatronca, Manta Mips, Trenta Mips, Rivale Mips, Estro Mips, Vinci Mips, Strale, Idolo Mips, Idolo, Parachute MCR Mips, Roam Mips, Terranova Mips, Terranova, Veleno Mips, Veleno, Echo Mips, Echo, Intercity Mips, Urbex Mips, Mobilite Mips, Mobilite, Corso, Allroad Mips, Allroad, Crossover Mips, Crossover, Downtown Mips, Downtown, Miles Mips, Miles.
  • Compatible with Bluegrass Rogue Core Mips and Bluegrass Rogue.

Great for everyday use and long rides, DualGel padding is mountable on any MET helmet.

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