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C (cm)73/7980/8687/9394/100
Weight (g)690780880950

Rider’s bodyguard

Armour B&S D3O®  |  Body Armour

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Size Guide & Weights
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Product Specifications - Armour B&S D3O + -

  • Protectors compliant with EN 1621-2, Level 1
  • D3O® full back protector
  • D3O® shoulder shells
  • Soft body shells
  • Stretch Mesh ergonomic fabric
  • Open Mesh breathable and ventilated fabric
  • Slim-fit construction
  • Hydro pack compatible (1L capacity)
  • Three rear pockets
  • Neck brace compatible
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When a total back and side protection is needed, the Bluegrass Armour B&S D3O® inserts provide full back protection, with shoulder shells also in place. Constructed from lightweight and stretchable open mesh the Bluegrass Armour B&S is designed to achieve maximum breathability, ventilation and fast drying.

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Bluegrass Armour B&S D3O, Body Protection made for Mountain Bike, Enduro and E-Bike