Ride the Aeolian Arc

    The greatest adventures are born from a small voice in the back of your mind, saying: “Oh man, we should ride down there!”

    All it takes is a rumour of an exceptional trail, a tip-off from a friend, or a single, awe-inspiring photograph on Pinkbike – and the fires of imagination begin to blaze.

    eolie screen

    For our latest adventure, we were driven by this picture, and yes, we heard that same little voice.
    The image of a massive white hill with roots reaching all the way to the Mediterranean sea.
    And on top of that, the most active volcano on earth is just a one-hour ferry away.

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    The crew for our voyage consisted of one Scot, one Italian and a Frenchman…

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    isuli euli 7

    The essential guide to unpacking like a Scotsman.

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    isuli euli 9
    isuli euli 10

    After a quick set up of the bikes and an even quicker unpacking of the bags,
    we headed straight to the spot, to take a look at what brought us here.

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    isuli euli 13

    When unexpected became surprising.

    isuli euli 14

    From speaking to the locals we discovered that the mine (which was the reason this remarkable location came to exist) had been closed to allow the islands to become a Unesco Heritage Site.

    “The white hill was taken by the sea. That dreamcatcher place doesn’t exist anymore.”

    Again, that voice: “Holy shit… this is going to be awesome.”

    isuli euli 15


    Two white days

    Nature can surprise us in many ways.
    Years of rain have worn away a massive canyon of white powder,
    spilling forth from the old cave.

    isuli euli 16

    Shapers on the moon

    “Lovely sandy location…”

    It’s a roller coaster ride up to the start.

    Bath time!

    The first half of the journey ends,
    but we already have a new island to discover.


    Two Black Days.

    Legend has it that this atoll was the ancient cap of the volcano,
    which landed in the sea after its first eruption.
    isuli euli 4
    isuli euli 5
    Final destination

    Hiking sometimes is part of the game, but knowing what is rumbling at the top,
    the excitement was far too high to feel tired.

    Someone calls it night-ride!

    Two peaks one pic! Thanks to the early morning sky we could see from the top of Stromboli all the way to the Sicilian chain smoker, Etna.

    Valley of the Moon

    The final ride of the trip arrived so soon, bathed in the light of the sunrise we tackled the whole descent in one, untouched line.
    We passed through the jungle and eventually hit the shore, to the mild surprise of a local fisherman.