In the fast-paced world of road cycling,  standing out from the crowd while maintaining peak performance is a pursuit reserved for the few.


    For those who seek to stand out while embodying the essence of minimalism, we present the

    Undyed White Limited Edition—a declaration of purity in cycling helmet design.



    Dedicated to the top models of road cycling —the TRENTA, MANTA, and RIVALE helmets—this collection represents the celebration of essentiality in its purest form.


    Imagine a matte white shade, pristine and immaculate, which enhances the aerodynamic lines of these helmets, exuding an aura of refined excellence.


    What really sets the Undyed White Limited Edition apart is the fluorescent yellow backing which is a contemporary twist on a blank canvas.

    The fusion of silky white and fluorescent lime yellow symbolizes a harmonious mix of tradition and modernity.


    It's a union where timeless elegance blends seamlessly with cutting-edge technology.


    To all cyclists who want maximum cleanliness and linearity without compromising individuality,

    the Undyed White Limited Edition is what you are looking for.


    Discover the essence of cycling excellence like never before.