MET Helmets Killian Bron in Turkey


    There’s plenty of partnerships in sport that are great, but a few are exceptional, Jordan and Nike, Ferrari and Formula 1, Kelly Slater and Quiksilver.


    When we first spoke to Kilian Bron, back in 2015, we knew this was going to be a very special relationship, his ideas, skills and drive perfectly matched our goals for MET & Bluegrass, to be bold, innovative and category defining.
    Really, few athletes have an impact on how we perceive the sport and Kilian is one of them. Being a part, from the inception, of all his ‘missions’, and protecting him during his most remote and crazy trips has been a pleasure.


    In Kilian’s words:


    ‘Our collaboration was not just a business relationship. I’ve made great friends with my MET colleagues, for everything I have to say thanks again!’
    Kilian will be taking on some new opportunities this year, but we’ll always support his progressive attitude to what mountain biking is, and can be.


    We part ways for now but the friendship will remain, thanks Kilian for all these years, see you on the trails!



    Here’s some of our favourite moments, a ‘Best of Bron’… enjoy!

    We’re taking a well deserved break!

    Shipments will be sent until 12:00 on the 22nd of December and will restart on January 8th.

    We thank you for your support. Happy riding!