finale 2018 IMG 4469

    Italian rides

    finale 2018 IMG 4404
    finale 2018 C68A0656
    finale 2018 IMG 4416

    finale 2018 C68A0237

    From the mountains to the sea

    finale 2018 cut1
    finale 2018 C68A0703
    finale 2018 C68A0797

    finale 2018 C68A0646
    finale 2018 C68A0274
    finale 2018 C68A0261
    finale 2018 IMG 4399

    finale 2018 IMG 4365
    finale 2018 IMG 4684
    finale 2018 C68A0730

    Under one flag

    finale 2018 C68A0986

    finale 2018 C68A0866
    finale 2018 C68A1107

    Fighting for the crown

    finale 2018 IMG 4914


    Bluegrass FinalEnduro
    powered by Sram

    Relive the last stage of the Enduro World Series from the Ligurian arena. This Italian mountain-to-seaside epic always pushes competitors beyond their limits and showcases enduro racing at its purest. Every one of the riders rose to the occasion, bringing their absolute best to the race and closing out 2017 in style.

    After mud, rain and and mud again, finally the sun came out to crown our 2017 kings and queens. It was a wild season of highs and lows for all the Bluegrass riders, and now it’s time to thank them all.

    We’re taking a well deserved break!

    Shipments will be sent until 12:00 on the 22nd of December and will restart on January 8th.

    We thank you for your support. Happy riding!