Understanding NTA-8776 Certification

    In the world of helmets, safety always comes first. If you’re riding an e-bike or commuting on a speed pedelec, you might have come across the term

    "NTA-8776 certification." 

    But what exactly does it mean, and why is it so important?




    What is the NTA-8776 Certification?


    The NTA-8776 is a safety standard outlined in the Dutch Technical Agreement (NTA) 8776. This agreement was crafted by an international project group under the supervision of NEN, the Dutch Standardization Institute. While resembling a traditional bicycle helmet, an NTA-8776 certified helmet is designed to offer enhanced protection against higher impact speeds, covering a larger portion of the head.


    MET Vibe is an E-Bike Commuter Urban Helmet with rear USB LED light, NTA 8776 Certified.

    What Defines an NTA-8776 Certified Helmet?


    An NTA-8776 certified helmet is the result of meticulous engineering and rigorous testing. Leveraging EN 1078 as a foundation, the certification pushes the boundaries of the helmet’s structural performance to create a product that provides superior protection compared to traditional standards. NTA-8776 is a non-mandatory certification. It’s something that MET chooses to add to our products through extra investment and development, to ensure we are providing a safer solution to cyclists.


    Bluegrass Jetro is a 3/4 Jet MTB Helmet for Enduro, E-MTB and Dirt featuring Mips.
    Bluegrass Vanguard is a Full-Face MTB Helmet designed for Enduro, Trail and E-MTB with Safe-T Heta retention system
    Bluegrass Jetro is a 3/4 Jet MTB Helmet for Enduro, E-MTB and Dirt featuring Mips.
    MET Intercity Mips E-Bike Urban Helmet with adjustable shield and magnetic light
    MET Urbex Mips E-Bike Urban Helmet with magnetic light

    The Importance of NTA-8776 Certification


    So, why is NTA-8776 certification so crucial? Put simply, it's all about safeguarding cyclists and continuing to innovate head protection. Speed pedelecs and e-bikes, with their ability to reach higher speeds (25  km/h up to 45 km/h), pose increased risks, especially in the event of a collision or fall, but it doesn’t stop there.

    An NTA-8776 certified helmet provides an extra layer of protection no matter the intended use, that’s why at MET we took it as a standard parameter when we design and engineer a new helmet regardless of the category of use.

    Despite the fact the certification was born for speed pedelecs, we now apply it to MTB helmets like our lightweight enduro models, as it provides an uncompromised extra level of safety in case of higher impact speed.


    The challenge is to design NTA-certified helmets without compromising comfort or increasing more than is necessary the volume of the helmet. This is where MET’s 35 years of manufacturing expertise comes into play.

    MET Vibe On Mips is an E-Bike Urban Helmet with rear USB LED light and high-durability adjustable windshield visor. It is NTA 8776 Certified.

    Identifying an NTA-8776 Certified Helmet


    Recognising an NTA-8776 certified helmet is straightforward. Look for the mark of approval, typically found on the packaging and in the manual. On the inside of the helmet, you'll see the text "NTA 8776." 


    Opting for an NTA-8776 certified helmet is a smart choice for cyclists who prioritise safety. With its enhanced protective features and adherence to rigorous standards, it offers more complete protection on every ride.

    When it comes to safety, there's no room for compromise.

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