Let’s talk helmets, no filters!

    When is the right time to replace a helmet? Is a heavier helmet more protective than a lighter one?

    Does the Mips system really work, or is it just marketing?

    We’ve put together a Safety Bible that answers these and many other frequently asked questions from Pinkbike,

    the world’s most active MTB community.



    Anyone familiar with our brands, Met and Bluegrass, knows we’re true helmet nerds. We follow every phase of our product development and production with obsessive care and test them far beyond the legal standards. So, we wouldn’t miss this unique chance to talk to our users about what we know best: safety.



    We spent a long day with Scottish journalist Ben Cathro from Pinkbike, a former high-level rider with plenty of crashes under his belt, at the MET helmets headquarters in Talamona, to show - rather than just tell - our expertise.


    To answer user questions, we relied on clear data from our internal lab and statistics built over years of crash tests on all types of cycling helmets.

    We also enlisted the help of Johan Hedlund, Head of R&D at Mips, the company behind the rotational energy management technology in our products.


    The result of our day with the Pinkbike team is a content-rich piece that debunks several myths and answers fans' most pressing questions.


    Enjoy watching! If you have more questions or want to see more, hit us up in the video comments!


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