MET Helmets Specialists in kids bike helmets

    What makes a good kids helmet and how to choose it?


    What better than to get your child into cycling? Great moments are ahead! Protecting the head of your little ones is essential to be able to enjoy without worries, but let’s be honest, choosing a helmet for our kids is maybe one of the most difficult tasks a parent can have! Lost among plenty of models, it might be tempting to take the first one you find. But it’s not an easy decision to make. From age, to ability, to discipline, each kid has specific needs and buying them the adequate protection will enable them to fully reap the joys of cycling.

    So what makes a good kids helmet and how to choose it? Let’s look at 5 essential tips to help you in that quest!

    MET Helmets Specialists in kids bike helmets

    1. #1 SIZE

    1. It’s likely the first question you are probably asking yourself; which size I shall buy considering the age of my kid. Children can have very different head sizes at the same age, that’s why we advise you to carefully measure the head circumference of your child instead of taking count only of the age. It’s really important to buy a helmet that corresponds perfectly to the head size in order to provide the right protection. It will be also more convenient to wear in terms of weight and comfort. The helmet needs to sit low on the forehead and to remain stable laterally and horizontally. Adjustable straps are essential on that front. The 360° belt with micrometric adjustment is also a must-have; you can find it on all MET kids helmets. This will allow you to find the perfect fit and stability, like on an adult helmet. The ample regulation range will also follow the growth of your child.

    #2 SAFETY

    This is for sure your top priority! All helmets should respect the safety norm of the country they are sold (CE, AS/NZ, CPSC). That said some helmets are taking count of the specific needs of a child’s head. For example, the MET Elfo & Genio helmets are featuring the exclusive Bimbi Secure Technology. The internal shape of the helmet is molded in a specific way, made to avoid any contact points with the fontanel, the softest part of a developing skull. For grown up kids, charging hard on the trails having a helmet providing an extended coverage on the side and the back will be essential. It’s the case for the MET Eldar. Finally, there are extra features that can increase the safety: the MIPS (What is MIPS?) system in order to reduce rotational forces that can happen during a crash, or a rear LED light to be seen. Both options you can find in the MET kids range.

    MET Helmets Specialists in kids bike helmets


      1. Of course your eye and the one of your beloved child might be caught up first in the fancy graphics and the shape. It is essential that your child likes the helmet and wears it with pleasure. But before choosing it, it’s best to have a look at the features. Indeed, some are crucial so your kid could enjoy the ride. If you plan to use a bike seat, check that the helmet has a flat back, like the MET Elfo & Genio. It will help to keep the head up and straight, avoiding any pain in the neck and helps to enjoy the view too! A big micrometric wheel for the adjustment will also help you, or your child, to easily adjust the helmet—a characteristic you find across all of the range. As your child gets older they might fancy a specific type of practice and will love to look like you or their favorite rider. Some helmets are really versatile, like the well known MET Crackerjack and some have a more dedicated style. That could be more BMX and Park like the MET Yo-Yo, or a proper MTB helmet like the MET Eldar. They are not only providing a distinctive style, but also a dedicated shape to provide the safety needed for that kind of discipline.


    1. The features are all the small details that make a big difference in the end. Some are cleverly integrated into the design of the helmet, like the integrated visor on the MET Buddy & Super Buddy that helps to protect your child from the sun. An insect net will be also an important feature to look for, avoiding any intrusion of bugs inside the helmet. Pay attention to the presence of an integrated rear light, it’s a nice addition to increase the visibility on the cycle path. It’s standard on the MET Crackerjack for example. Finally, a flexible and removable visor is a must-have when speaking about bigger helmets. They provide an adult look while being strong enough to cope with all type of situations. Finally, a feature that could be forgotten is the weight. Check that the helmet is not too heavy; a light helmet will be appreciated as each gram on the head makes a big difference at that age.

    MET Helmets Specialists in kids bike helmets

    #5 VALUE

    1. As we saw earlier, a kid’s helmet is a proper device made to protect your kid and it possesses many characteristics and features. Depending on the features, the price can vary. Buying a good kids helmet is however a sensible investment. The helmet will be more durable and thanks to a more refined construction, your kid will most likely enjoy wearing it even more. Don’t let the helmet be a barrier to riding. If the helmet you choose is made well with an adjustable retention system, it should remain valid for some years before being too small. Check also if a crash replacement policy is offered. If the helmet is damaged in a crash, you will be able to replace the helmet at a lower cost, allowing interesting savings. Check MET’s policy here. Last but not least, the MET range covers all of the price points while every time providing the best possible solution, making sure you can enjoy those privileged moments with your child!

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