MET Helmets Mips testing

    MIPS® Air

    The lightest and most advanced rotational management system.

    By now, you’ve probably heard of Mips®, chances are you may even have it in your helmet.


    if you haven’t, put simply, Mips® is a rotational management system that improves the safety of helmets by absorbing some of the forces caused in impacts that can twist and spin your head, often causing brain injury even when there’s no visible damage to your head.
    MET Helmets Mips testing
    These kinds of crashes are common in cycling, where coming off a bike often involves awkward landings. Rotational impacts cause rapid acceleration then deceleration of your brain within your skull, this can cause significant damage. Mips® is designed to reduce these dangerous forces by absorbing the rotation in an impact.
    MET Trenta 3K Carbon with Mips Air
    Most Mips® systems use a shearing layer, made of polycarbonate plastic that sits between the helmet and the padding. Our helmets are designed with consideration of how the Mips® system will fit, making them more comfortable with minimal impact on the helmet’s performance.
    With Mips® Air, that integration becomes even better. The Mips® protection is built into the pads without the need for an additional layer, meaning that the helmet’s full ventilation and fit system is completely unhindered and that there is virtually no additional weight.
    MET Helmets Mips testing

    How does it work?

    By integrating the low friction polycarbonate layer to the individual helmet pads and adding unique couplings which enable movement in all directions, the Mips® Air system is designed specifically to fit each helmet model and size, meaning you get your favourite helmet, with the same fit and performance plus the added protection of Mips®.

    Mips Air in the MET Trenta 3K Carbon
    You can find Mips® Air in our most advanced helmet, the Trenta 3K Carbon Mips®, designed for performance at the highest level of our sport and worn to victory at Le Tour de France, LiègeBastogneLiège and Il Lombardia by UAE Team Emirates' Tadej Pogačar.

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