Trenta 3K Carbon Mips  |  Pads Set

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Proper installation of the Mips® Air Replacement System is essential for the helmet to work as intended.

The Mips® Air System is held in place by a number of fixations that are each connected to the helmet with hook and loop Velcro™.

When removing the Mips® Air system, pinch each Mips® fixation (fig. 1) with two fingers, then gently pull away from the helmet, preferably by lifting one side of the fixation at a time.
Repeat the process for each fixation of the system (fig. 2).

When re-installing the Mips ® Air system, make sure that every Velcro is positioned correctly by aligning one at a time.

WARNING! The Mips® Air System is designed and tested for use with the intended Mips® Air equipped helmet model and size only. The Mips® Air system are not interchangeable between other helmet models or sizes. Installation of Mips® Air system on an incompatible helmet or size may result in the helmet not performing as intended.

CAUTION: Pulling too hard may remove the inner Velcro tabs from the helmet and / or causing the fixation to break. Pads may be cleaned by carefully rinsing in lukewarm water and dried in room temperature.

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