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    How to choose your TT/Tri Helmet?

    Today MET presents the new Codatronca, a short tail helmet that will complete the range alongside the Drone, sharing the
    same Widebody construction. It is a lid that brilliantly tackles both time-trial and triathlons.

    While presenting you this new tool we want to take this opportunity to explain how to choose your aerodynamic helmet.


    When we talk about a helmet’s aerodynamic performance it is not only choosing the best claimed performing device, it is looking at a system composed of the athlete’s body, his position on the bike and the helmet. This was the basis of the thought process when MET presented the Widebody, rather than seeking to cut the minimal profile the Drone is designed to drive air out and around the shoulders in order to improve aerodynamics. Indeed, staying low and disciplined with a helmet like the MET Drone is mandatory. If you do so, you could 100% benefit of the performance of the shape.

    What If you are looking for a less demanding helmet but still need optimal performance? Here is where the MET Codatronca will be the right tool. Due to its short tail it allows you to move more freely on the bike without affecting your performance–even when your eyes are glued to your power meter or the next turn.


    Varied conditions and terrain will also greatly influence the aero weapon that you choose. The MET Drone reaches maximum performance in a straight line whereas the MET Codatronca will be more efficient in case of cross winds or on winding roads which you can experience in modern time-trial stages. If you want to use it in triathlon, you are not forgotten as the Fidlock® magnetic buckle and magnetic dual shield will make transitions faster than ever saving precious seconds. This makes the Codatronca perfect if you are looking for a versatile helmet.

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    Earlier we talked about pure performance but this aerodynamic efficiency needs to be maintained. You need to feel comfortable in the helmet in order to keep the performance high for the duration of your time behind the bars. The Widebody construction also allows more room for your ears – instead of feeling claustrophobic, you feel pleasantly protected. The eyes are not restricted thanks to a broad field of view, which is even broader with the new design of the Codatronca magnetic shield. Keeping the signature 3 low drag inlets of the MET Drone, the MET Codatronca channels the air to avoid overheating. The Codatronca also features a retention system which is fully adjustable both vertically and laterally: the Safe-t Orbital.

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    The final step. Which questions to ask before choosing between two aero helmets like the MET Drone or the MET Codatronca?

    –  What is the course profile? (Hilly, straight, possibility of cross winds…)
    –  What position do you have on your bike and can you maintain it for a long distance?
    –  Are you looking for a versatile aerodynamic helmet or a very specialist one?

    We’re taking a well deserved break!

    Shipments will be sent until 12:00 on the 22nd of December and will restart on January 8th.

    We thank you for your support. Happy riding!