Kilian Bron Bluegrass Rider

    Design Kilian Bron’s Legit Carbon and win!

    Get your imagination going and colour the Bluegrass Legit Carbon to match Kilian’s kit and you could win a Legit of your own.
    Bluegrass Stories EVO Bike Park located in the South of the French Alps

    BLUEGRASS & EVO Bike Park

    We celebrate our partnership with one of the best bike parks in Europe with a fun edit!
    Bluegrass Stories Welcome in the Bluegrass family Vincent Tupin (Vinny T)

    Welcome Vinny T

    Vincent Tupin joins Bluegrass Family. You don’t need a reason to watch a Go-Pro video from Vinny T. You know you will be in for a treat.
    Bluegrass Stories Fast Interview Series Legit Carbon used by Tracey Hannah, Marine Cabirou and Veronika Widmann

    Fast Interview Series

    The three fastest women of the 2019 World Cup campaign talk about their season and their approach to racing.
    Bluegrass Stories Trophy of Nations 2019 Finale Ligure

    Bluegrass Trophy of Nation

    Finale Ligure hosts the biggest mountain biking celebration of the year.
    Bluegrass Stories Facing Finale Ligure Enduro

    Facing Finale

    Bluegrass Finalenduro 2018
    Bluegrass Stories Legit Carbon Helmet Breaking News

    Breaking News

    New Bluegrass Prototype at Fort William World Cup

    Bluegrass Stories From the Mountain to the Sea Finale Ligure

    From the mountains to the sea

    Unveiling the secret trails of the Bluegrass FinalEnduro powered by Sram.