Quality Policy


The Quality Policy of MET LLC includes the following basic principles:

  • Always support the high satisfaction level of the interested parties, in particular the high satisfaction level of our clients;
  • Maintain the perceptive and mutual communication between people, in particular the employees and the co-workers;
  • Respect the security measures accepted in different countries where we sell our products, in conformity with all requisites necessary for certification;
  • Constantly update the technological solutions;
  • Pay special attention to the graphic process;
  • Pay special attention to the structural quality and function of the respective products, including the requested standards, verified through testing.

Certification according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard is a part of the strategy of competitiveness and qualification in the market, as well as the evidence of opportunities according to rules of MET to continually meet the satisfaction requirements of all interested parties, such as clients and suppliers, owners, employees and colleagues.
Within the activity development policy, MET guaranties the following:

  • A model of enterprise organization able to ensure high and competitive level of knowledge and skills;
  • Interaction with the appropriate clients and partners with intention to create the value while identifying the present and future requirements in order to ensure the society success;
  • Ahigh precision level in operating mode, profesionalism through the development of development and research activities.

The System of Quality Management of MET works based on the approach of risk-based thinking, which means that the organization determines the factors that would generate the deviations of the processes from the norm ISO 9001:2015, and takes preventive measures to minimize the negative effects and to look for the best opportunities.

President and Chief Executive Officer have to make sure that this Policy is understood, shared, implemented and performed by all its employees and co-workers and at the same time it shall be shared by all interested parts.

Each who is responsible for functioning of the system works based on the common intentions and objectives, in order to create the conditions when all, employees and co-workers, work in the best conditions in order to achieve the objectives determined by the Quality Management System. All that allows to align strategies, processes and resources in order to achieve the objectives as set by the enterprise.

This document shall be shared in the organization at all levels, via the exposition in the announcement board as well as via the website in order to make sure that all employees, co-workers and all interested third parties are aware and understand it.

Based on the general principles, as mentioned further, measurable objectives are defined that would be monitored in case if a part of the Management will be revised, in order to continually improve the efficiency of the Quality Management System.


  • Pay maximum attention to individualization and requirements satisfaction of particular persons, in particular, clients, employees and co-workers;
    Operation with respect to competition;
  • Constant quality improving of products and services offered in order to ibtain the positive results of economic nature as well as the excellence ad reputation of the company outside of the enterprise, with complete client and suppliers satisfaction;
  • Guarantee the availability of professional experience according to the requirements of the interested persons, hence, the reference market;
  • Guarantee constant process of valualization, motivation and professional growth of people;
  • Respect the management rules of the Management System in order to provide the required level of Quality and its continued application;
  • Continually revise the Quality Policy in order to guarantee the proper persons, in particular the employees and co-workers, understand it completely and are aware of the latest updates, that the interested parties are always informed about the development of the competitiveness regarding the society needs.




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