MET Metallic Lime Yellow helmets



    It’s one of the most important factors when riding on roads, especially at night or on dark winter days. Surrounded by grey concrete or on narrow lanes without the benefits of streetlights, it can be a hostile environment for a cyclist, which is why it’s best to make yourself seen.



    Featuring MET Rivale Mips, Estro Mips, Vinci Mips

    Fluorescent colours are nothing new in cycling, in fact bright yellow or orange have become a bit of a staple in a commuter’s wardrobe, but let’s face it, aesthetically, hi-viz tends to be solidly function over fashion when it comes to design.
    It doesn’t need to be that way though, here at MET we’ve developed a metallic finish that maintains the visibility and impact of traditional fluo colours while adding a touch of style.
    MET Rivale Mips in Metallic Lime Yellow
    Stand out and stay safe while looking good in the new Lime Yellow Metallic, available on the following MET helmet models:
    MET Rivale Mips, Estro Mips, Vinci Mips & Urbex Mips

    These also feature reflective decals on the rear for added visibility and are compatible with our LED lights.

    MET Vinci Mips in Lime Yellow Metallic
    New for 2022 - our Magnetic USB LED light, with 25 LEDS producing 10 lumens for up to 350 minutes and easily charged using a USB, adding another dimension to your on-bike visibility.



    Burn through the night like a firefly with the new range.

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    We thank you for your support. Happy riding!